Growing Weather by Boris Gundelach

Professionals in the growing industry depend on weather information. Weathermelon is a notification services for these professionals. Pick the commodities you are interested and the services sends you daily updates about upcoming weather "situations" for the major growing regions relevant to US traders and growers.

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A Puzzling Experience by Boris Gundelach

This app is an interesting combination of gaming (solving simple word puzzles) and gambling (winners who make it through two rounds win real $$$) while at the same time being recorded. Puzoh let's you play solo or together with your friends. Come join the fun!

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Customer Retention by Boris Gundelach

Small businesses have a hard time attracting new customers and then have them come back. ZuBLAM wants to make it easy and affordable to create digital coupons (called offers) with discounts right from the app. Customers can quickly discover offers around them, RSVP the offers and then later visit the business to redeem their purchase.

The app is actually two apps. The blue "side" is for customers. Browsing offers, making RSVPs and redeeming RSVPs. The green side is for merchants creating and publishing offers.

Mobile Analytics by Boris Gundelach

Businesses generate a lot of data. Here is a dashboard looking at orders and revenue. Yearly, monthly and daily statistics as a live view into a business operations. Because this app is used by an on-demand delivery services it also shows incoming orders including status and geo-position updates tracking the delivery truck. Rounding out the experience it makes the invoice documents available for viewing and sharing.

Nothing but cars by Boris Gundelach

We can't wait until the Petersen Museum finally opens it's doors on December 6th. At Oskoui+Oskoui we where busy building the app that helps visitors discover more. iBeacons will enable a new tour experience.

To shorten the wait we've build DriveLA, a city wide event for automobile enthusiasts, right in. Check in at the events, collect badges and redeem surprises at the opening of the Petersen.